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Skriva heiti




Monte Meixueiro.

  Good morning Hans. It is nice talk to you again.

  We are very happy with the new Rock Super Shark trawl doors.

  At the end of last trip we were fishing Greenland Halibut in the Canyons with strong currents, very deep holes and bad weather and the dynamic behaviour of the trawl doors was perfect. We had huge catches there.

  Just now we are in Svalbard fishing cod. When you find a spot of cod you must pursue It. It is not fishing, it is hunting, Ja Ja! For achieving this, the vessel must turning and turning and in this manoeuvring the trawl doors are vital elements. The new doors able us turning faster and getting more stability in the net. At the same time the vessel is turning the net is fishing in the bottom. It was more difficult to get that with the old doors.

   What can I say that you, an old skipper, do not know alredy?

   Have a good Sunday!

   My regards, truly for the new doors.