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Rock Trawl-doors

From the beginning Rock Trawl-doors has been a Faroese company, which has developed and manufactured their products in the Faroe Islands and with a Faroese workforce. We at Rock Trawl-doors emphasize quality and precision, and we believe that our customers are the core of the company. Our products are manufactured from high quality material and are intended for the global fishing industry. 

Rock Trawl-doors was established on October 1, 2004, and our aim was to manufacture and deliver iron and steel products for the fishing industry, as well as to repair and manufacture trawl-doors. We at Rock Trawl-door have, since our establishment, expanded our work into other industries and products categories.


The “rock” in Rock Trawl-Doors derived from the English word describing solidness and was chosen because we wanted to build our new trawl-door company on solid ground in the town of Vágur, Faroe Islands.


One of the first things that Rock’s founders did, when they started working on establishing the company that would manufacture trawl-doors, was to find a location for it. They had the options to establish the company in a foreign country where manufacturing costs were low and the distance to the global market was short. However, the founders favored the Faroe Islands, and Rock Trawl-doors was established and registered in the Faroese business register on October 1, 2004. Although [most likely] the financial gains would have been far greater if the company was located in a foreign country, the jobs that Rock has created and the expertise the company holds, would not benefit the Faroese society.


Rock’s first trawl-door was named Super Shark and was released in 2007. The Super Shark was a further development of pre-existing trawl-doors. Rock’s first trawl-door had 5 horizontal bulkheads and 12 plates, compared to 3 horizontal bulkheads and 6 plates on the trawl-doors present on the market. The Super Shark was considerably stronger than other trawl-doors, given its design.


In 2007, the same year as the Super Shark was released, Rock began manufacturing new pelagic trawl-door. This pelagic trawl-door was named Sea Bat and performed well in pelagic fishing industry, both when fishing for mackerel, which is close to the surface, and fishing for blue whiting and rose fish, which are in deeper waters.


After some years with a product line consisting of two trawl-doors, Rock began manufacturing a third trawl-door. This trawl-door was named Sea Lion and had 16 plates and one additional spoiler. This additional spoiler made the Sea Lion perfect for fishing in deep waters.


Rock’s newest trawl-door is the Sea Hunter. The Sea Hunter is designed for bottom-dwelling fishing and what characterizes this trawl-door is that it stretches the trawl even though the doors are kept just above the seabed.


Rock manufactures also clumps for different kinds of fishing industries. Rock also provides services such as: trawl-door and clump repair, manufacturing steel and iron products for the sea farming industry and large vehicles. Furthermore, Rock manufactures container ramps.


Rock Trawl-doors provides its customers with first class shipping of its products, regardless of the distance. Additionally, Rock offers their customers the possibility to dock at the harbor of Vágur and get their products delivered onboard the vessels.


Rock’s founders, who all are captains and have many years of experience on the bridge, believe that communication between seller and buyer is essential for providing the best service possible. Bearing this in mind, communication is one of Rock’s key areas.


All of Rock’s manufacturing processes are carried out in the Faroe Islands. The material is imported, manufactured and sold locally and globally. This is linked to the founders’ view that Rock is a Faroese company and its contribution to the Faroese and local community is invaluable and vital, and because of this the question about outsourcing part of the manufacturing process is not of any interest.


Rock Trawl-doors employs, at present time, 17 people work and their tasks vary from administration, sales, product development to manufacturing and repairing.

Sp/f Rock Trawl-doors
Vágsvegur 52
FO-900 Vágur
Faroe Islands
Tel 28 28 43 (Administration)
Tel 28 28 43 (Sales)
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