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Statement about our Sea Lion

Dear Peter. Yes it runs fine with us. We've got up ?? t per day than it is now, of course, not always. Sometimes bad weather and such. I am particularly pleased with the doors, they do cool both two and three troll troll. I have not tried my doors yet and do not expect casteration them a lot.

We still use Rock Trawl-doors after all these years

This is unheard of, and tells its own story about ...the life span and quality of these trawldoors produced by Rock Trawldoors.

The skipper of ” Haki” is very satisfied

“We have been fishing on both sides of Cape Farewell for one and a half months and the catch is 700 t cod and 38 t  of big haddock. 
We have been fishing in an area with very rough sea bed, but the doors have worked very well; their positioning has been tremendously good, and the wear and tear is mostly at the middle of the doors. I am fully convinced that these 8,5 sqm doors are the the right doors for our trawl. 

The ice have been a nuisance, and because of it we haven´t been able to fish for almost 10 days. Bearing that in mind the fishing has been quite good”

The capten on Egundebar is very pleased

From : Egunabar
T Hans J. Joensen

Super Shark doors

Hans you do it the doors works very very well.easy to tow with
big power to open. Very nice door Im very happy
We finish the first campaing.steaming Vigo for unload the fish.
we made 27 days fishing and 550 tons that is we catch.

Best Regards   Patxi

MS Skálafossur

Vestmanna 10/07-2007


At first we can say, that M/S Skálafossur has used trawldoors from both
Injector Trawldoors and ROCK-Trawldoors, respectively SHARK and ROCK
TRAWLDOORS . Size 3,5 square metres.

The result of comparing the trawldoors is mainly, that the running through the sea not can be compared at all. Rock trawl- doors are much more settled and stabile than the Shark doors.

Furthermore it appears, that the Rock trawldoors are stabile and are not
disturbed of small portions, comparing to Shark doors, which are working to much in these conditions.

Rock trawldoors are also weard out plainly all over the keel compared to
the Shark doors, which mainly are weard out in the back.

Great difference is between Rock trawldoors and usual Shark in low water.
With Rock trawldoors you can give out as much wire you want to, and the doors are nevertheless going straight. This could not be done using the usual Shark doors. Furthermore the Rock Trawldoors are much stronger constructed than Shark doors.


M/S Skálafossur

Bjarni D. Jacobsen

The skipper on Havborg is very satisfied

The big schrimptrawler “ Havborg” made a very good trip in East-Greenland, and Eirikur Magnussen told us the Super-Shark was fantastic to handle. The doors were going very good over the very soft seabed west of Dohrnbank.  He was very satisfied with this super-trawldoors from Rock Trawldoors.

 It is my first trip with the Faroese trawldoors, but if I knew the things I know now, I should have bought Faroese trawldoors for years ago.

M/S Enniberg

We got the new doors from Rock in january, started fishing 28. januar and sailed home 26. march with 772 ton Codfillet´s . There were ships, that started before we started, but didn´t come home before one month later with less fish. Unanimously all said, that our doors fished better, and now all the faroese trawlers are using Doors from Rock, according the greater part of the norwegian fleet.

The question is why, and the answer is short and straight: the doors are
squaring better, going better on the ground, are more stabile and most of all are fishing better. Obviousely nobody is scrapping doors, if he is not quite sure of getting something better.

This new construction with two bulkheads parallell with the main bulkhead, where the trawlwire is fastened, has the result, that the doors are more stabile and has better distance. The old model could be used in 1½ -2½ years, without shifting the front shoes. In the new one all the keel is standing on the bottom and all the shoes are weard exactly alike.

The doors are at all much better.


Sonny Johannesen


Good day Hans!


Here are the differences, that I have observed between Shark contra Rock trawldoors:
1. Rock Trawldoors are getting much better from the board. (to shoot out)
2. Rock Trawldoors are standing precisely on the bottom, where the usual Shark door were going backwards (the back of the doore is taking, and not the middle.)
3. In spite of, that these doors are 280 kg more heavy than the Shark doors, we had before, they are more easily going through the sea.

My opinion taken between two sets of doors, both 12 squaremeters, and the Shark wight is 4600 kg and the Rock Trawldoors weigth is 4880 kg.

At last we can say, that we have used the doors in 2 months, and we have been fishing Greenland halibut in East Greenland and cod in the Barents sea and my personal opinion is, that this new doors are at least as good.

John Fuglø.

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