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Super Shark

The Super Shark is a multi-function fishing trawl-door and its strength and efficiency lies in the trawl-door’s design. The Super Shark’s design makes the trawl-door suitable for towing above the seabed as well as on soft seabed, where, among other, Icelandic trawlers have had great results by keeping the trawl-doors about 10-15 meters above the seabed. The Super Shark has also, in few cases, been use in pelagic fishery with great results.


The Super Shark is manufactured from high quality Hardox 450 and S355 steel. The 5 horizontal bulkheads, combined with the high quality steel, strengthen the trawl-door and reduce the wear and tear process. The 5 horizontal bulkheads give the Super Shark incredible stability in waters.


The testimonial from the captain of Haki describes how good the Super Shark is.

“We have been fishing on both sides of Cape Farewell for one and a half month and the catch is 700 ton cod and 38 ton of big haddock. 

We have been fishing in an area with very rough seabed, but the trawl-doors have performed very well; their positioning has been tremendously good, and the wear and tear is mostly at the middle of the trawl-doors. I am fully convinced that these 8,5 sq. meter trawl-doors are the right fit for our trawl. 

The ice has been a nuisance and because of it we haven´t been able to fish for almost 10 days. Bearing that in mind the fishing has been quite good.”


All our products are built according to our customers specifications. 


Hardox 550 steel

Bottom door keel

Original shoes in     hardox 550

Specialbolts with         - locking nuts

Bracket-shackels and-nuts






Super Shark
Super Shark
Super Shark
Super Shark
Super Shark
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