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The Sea Lion is a further development of our Super Shark trawl-door. The Sea Lion is designed for bottom fishing and therefore great for fishing for Redfish, prawns and Greenland halibut. The Sea Lion has also performed quite well in shallow waters with fishery for coalfish.


The Sea Lion is manufactured from high quality Hardox 450 and S355 steel. The middle bulkhead (Bracket), the wear-areas and the wear plates are made from Hardox steel. The Sea Lion has four plates more than the Super Shark and therefore is heavier than the Super Shark.


The testimonial from the captain of Arctic Warrior sums up the captains satisfaction for the Sea Lion.

“We onboard Arctic Warrior are very happy with our trawl-doors from Rock. We have a 6-month-old set of Sea Lion, 8 sq. metes, and have used them with a Selstad 630 trawl at various depths, ranging from 80 to 600 meters, and the trawl-doors spread the trawl great and keep it stable in the water. We fish for coalfish a long side the south of Norway and cod up to the Svalbard area.”

Sea Lion


All our products are built according to our customers specifications. 


Hardox 550 steel

Bottom door keel

Original shoes in     hardox 550

Specialbolts with         - locking nuts

Bracket-shackels and-nuts