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We offer various types of services for our customers:

Fishing tools and implements
We manufacture various tools and implements for the fishing and sea farming industry.
Repairs and refitment
We preform various steel repairs and refitments.
Landing place
In addition to us transporting our products around the world, our customers have the possibility to dock in Vágur, where our factory is located, and get the products delivered onboard.
Read more about the port of Vágur.
You are always welcome to send us an inquiry about any type of service that you need. Read more about how to contact us on the "Contact" page.
Sp/f Rock Trawl-doors
Vágsvegur 52
FO-900 Vágur
Faroe Islands
Tel 28 28 43 (Administration)
Tel 28 28 43 (Sales)
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