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A new addition to our workforce

On January 1, 2016, we appointed a communication assistant to our workforce. Our new employee is Magnus Pauli West, who is currently studying at Aalborg University, Denmark, and is on a student job here at Rock Trawl-doors until June 2016.

Eventhough we are a small company, we believe that investing in communication and marketing is a key element in our success. In addition to the success factor, we are giving a student the experience needed to succeed in the real world.

If he, refering to Magnus Pauli, can help us, we will do our best in helping him, said Hans í Líðini, Rock Trawl-doors' managing director.

Magnus Pauli is 28 years old and from Tvøroyri, Faroe Islands. He is studying international business communication at Aalborg University. Prior to the attending at the University, Magnus Pauli worked at TAKS, the Faroese tax and customs administration, as a caseworker for 6 years, where he got an degree in public administration and international marketing.

We at Rock Trawl-doors wish to welcome Magnus Pauli to our company.



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