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Svend C.

Grønlendski trolarin Svend C valdi hesaferð Sea Hunter 15m² lemmar fra Rock Trawldoors til rækjufiskiskapin.


This vessel, designated ST-118, is a Stern Freezer Trawler under construction at Tersan Shipyard, Yalova, Turkey, yard no. 1066. Owner is Sikuaq Trawl A/S, Greenland. Delivered December 2016.

The following features have been emphasised in the design:

  • Bottom- and pelagic trawl with single and double gear

  • On-board processing and freezing of catch

  • Efficient operation in ice and arctic waters

Main Characteristics

Length over all 83.50 m

Length between p.p. 74.40 m

Breadth moulded 17.00 m

Depth to main deck 7.80 m

Depth to trawl deck 10.75 m

Speed in ballast condition approx. 15 knots

Accomodation 32 pers + hospital

Processing IQF Shrimps / Japan Line / roundfrozen mackerel

Freezing capacity 180 t/d

Propulsion system 6960 kW

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